Publish Schedules to Outlook

The Timewatch Sync System seamlessly syncs data using the same push technology your cell phone uses, but on an enterprise wide basis. Once setup, there’s nothing for users to do, the system publishes data from Scheduling to Outlook and vice versa automatically 24/7.

Sync to Phone & Tablets too

As the system syncs with Exchange & Outlook 365, Phones and Tablets are also maintained in perfect sync, so users know what schedulers have scheduled for them, and schedulers know what end users have booked for themselves.

Enhanced Security

Timewatch sync system enhances Outlook security, allowing schedulers to make appointments for Staff, but stop employees from editing or deleting them.

Enhanced Appointment Data

Additional information such as Customer, Project, Assignment data and custom fields and information can also be published to employees’ Outlook appointments.

IT Friendly

There’s nothing for IT to have a heart attack over. There are no Exchange plugins, nothing to be installed on the Exchange Server and nothing special for IT to do other than setup a user account for the Sync System to use.

Works with

The Timewatch Sync System is available with Wallchart®, WhiteSpace® and Time&Space®, and supports Exchange 2013. 2016 and Outlook 365. The system supports any Exchange supported system or device including Outlook for Windows & Mac, Phones and Tablets. If you can sync with Exchange or Outlook 365, TESS will sync your data.

Outlook scheduling

Wallchart allows for outlook scheduling by seamlessly linking with Exchange and Office 365.

Office 365 scheduling

By syncing with Office 365 Wallchart outlook scheduling system provides everything end-users need to schedule and plan resources with Outlook.

Sync with Outlook, Outlook 365, & Google

Outlook and Google calendars are excellent personal calendar systems, but the are not multi resource scheduling systems.

Wallchart® and WhiteSpace® are excellent multi-resource scheduling systems, but your employees will probably want to continues using their Outlook and Google calendars.

This is where the Timewatch Sync Service (TeSS) comes in. It seamlessly and automatically synchronizes appointments with Outlook & Google.

TeSS is unique in that it provides a seamless, bi-directional sync that maintains perfect synchronization between our Resource Scheduling systems and Outlook/Google without any user intervention. We can even protect certain types of bookings to stop users editing or deleting them in their calendars – something neither Outlook or Google can do.


If you have any questions about our resource scheduling software and how it can help your organization, please do not hesitate to ask.

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