Resource Scheduling Solution

Timewatch Resource Scheduling solutions include Wallchart®, WhiteSpace® and Exchange group scheduling. These systems are ideal for consultant scheduling, employee scheduling, training course scheduling, project planning, capacity planning and resource scheduling optimization.

Resource Scheduling

Streamlines your resource scheduling process.

Stop struggling with Excel spreadsheets and Outlook.
See how a specialist resource scheduling tool can make
scheduling simpler, easier, and faster.

Sync with Outlook & Google calendars

So, you've scheduled employees, now you
have to get this information to their Outlook or Google
calendar on all devices, and track changes on both sides.

Easy right? Well, it is with Timewatch

Three versions for any size of implementation

We have a solution whether you need a perfect fix that fits your organization like a glove; a small, simple, system on a budget; or a high performance, highly scalable, solution for your enterprise.

In brief

What is Wallchart?

Wallchart is a highly configurable and scalable resource scheduling solution that provides employee & resource scheduling, powerful reporting, Outlook & Google calendar synchronization and a range of optional modules.

Who is Timewatch?

Timewatch are specialists in resource scheduling solutions. Our customers are located all over the world and range from household names with thousands of employees, to small businesses with just a handful.

Who uses Wallchart?

Wallchart is used in industries such as: aerospace, airlines, architecture, banking, consultancies, defense, engineering, healthcare, IT, media, project management, recruitment and many, many more >

How is it Delivered?

Wallchart® is a browser solution and supports all browsers on PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones. The system is available as a Cloud solution or for installation on your own servers.

Resource scheduling made easy.

Wallchart® helps schedulers locate available resources, make bookings, and review & manage multiple resources’ calendars quickly and easily.

The multi-user ‘wallchart’ view allows schedulers to instantly see who is available, and who is not. The system can also search and recommend resources by skill, grade, location, timezone, or by attributes you define. The system can also publish bookings in end users Outlook and Google calendars.

Wallchart® is so flexible, it is used by organizations all over the world in an incredibly vast range of industries, scheduling anything from people, to training courses, projects, satellites, vehicles, equipment etc.

Whatever you need to schedule and manage, Wallchart® can help.

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Resource Scheduling software

Intuitive, user friendly resource scheduling and employee scheduling, staff scheduling and consultant scheduling software from Timewatch. Supports PCs, Macs, phones, tablets. Supports bi-directional sync with Outlook and Outlook 365. Schedule any type of resource. For example, people, employees, consultant scheduling, trainer scheduling, as well as equipment and rooms. Training courses, consultants, engineers can also be scheduled. Users can view schedules from their iPhone, Android or Windows Phone or tablet.

Resource Scheduling software for Outlook

outlook resource scheduling software system See our outlook resource scheduling software system for more details.

Sync with Outlook & Google

Seamless, bi-directional calendar sync.

Resource calendars are synced automatically and seamlessly with our Advanced Wallchart Sync Server. The system automatically syncs all appointments and tasks from each system to the other with no end-user intervention.

Outlook / Exchange integration is available as an option with WallCHART®, WhiteSpace® and Time&Space®.

Do you need to track timesheets?

We can save employees hours each week.

As time tracking is fully integrated with scheduling, your employees can turn their appointments into timesheets.

Scheduling uses exactly the same data as timesheets: the date, the customer / project and the time scheduled to be worked. All employees need to do is confirm the actual time spent, then post this to their timesheet. This eradicates duplicate entry, increases accuracy and saves each employee hours each week.

We can even turn Outlook calendars into timesheets.

We really do make timesheet entry incredibly easy.

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"You have the best resource scheduling solution I've seen. "

− US Strategic Air Defence

"“Timewatch has the best resource scheduling fit that we have ever found.”"

− Masterleo

"With Timewatch we know who has and has not submitted a timesheet, which projects are making money and report back to our clients weekly on costs incurred on their projects."

− Sphere, Oil & Gas

"With Timewatch, we now make better resource scheduling decisions. We avoid recruiting too early and being overstaffed, or recruiting too late and being understaffed."

− BCS Group

"Timewatch supports personalization, which is crucial for us as it allows us to meet our requirements 100%."

− Charles Taylor Consulting

"No question of it, Timewatch has improved our effectiveness. I can see time by project and how close to budget we are, invoicing is more timely, we have no 'lost' hours and more data to back up invoices."

− Cincom, Software Company

"Now we have efficient, accurate and scalable enterprise scheduling system and are not dependent on complex spreadsheets. Thanks!"

− Senn Delany

"It was a 'no brainer', the gains obtained from invoicing quicker month more than justified the cost. I love this system, it does exactly what it says on the box!"

− Unipower

"Our business is all about managing and selling time, and this is what Timewatch does for us better than anything else. It is so flexible it solves every challenge we throw at it."

− Barton Willmore, Architects

"The real savings have been in the frequency that time sheets are filled in - now we have real time project performance data"

− Regeneris