Streamline Resource Scheduling.

Whatever you schedule, a Timewatch® resource scheduling system will help you view current schedules, their availability and make bookings quickly and easily.

What can be scheduled?

Our customers schedule everything from: people and/or skills, projects, courses, equipment, vehicles, studios, simulators… anything.

Seamless Sync with Outlook

Bi-directional synchronization with Outlook for PC, MAC, Phones and tablets Phones via Outlook 365 & Exchange. As schedulers make bookings for employees, they are automatically sync’d to their Outlook calendar.

Increase Utilizability

As schedulers can more readily recognize and fill available time slots, your utilization rates will increase.

Increase available hours and profit

Increasing utilization by just 2 hours in a 40hr week represents a 5% increase – equivalent to 1 extra person for every 20 employees, which goes straight to the bottom line.

Intelligent scheduling

Let the system find the best resource for a task based on a set of attributes you define.

Mapping built in

Search for resource by type, availability and yes, even location through seamless integration with Google or Bing mapping.

Intuitive & easy to use

With Office 365 look and feel, Timewatch is familiar from the get go. A built in Learning & Support Center continues the theme, providing training videos, help, tips and quick start guides etc. Users tell us it feels like they’ve been using it for years.

Available on all Devices

Supports everything. PCs & Macs, iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phones & tablets.

Resource Scheduling Products


Powerful Resource Scheduling Solution

Wallchart® is highly configurable, generic resource scheduling system that can be used schedule virtually any type of resource.

The system includes flexible, high visibility views, advanced scheduling tools, reporting and configuration options. Schedules can also be synced with your employees’ Outlook & Google calendars.

Wallchart® is available in the Cloud or on your own servers.

More about Wallchart®


Project Centric Resource Scheduling Solution

WhiteSpace® provides all of the core scheduling features of Wallchart®, but with adds advanced project and employee centric features.

Additional features include: project repository, employee and general resources, personal calendars, phone and tablet support, customizable fields, project task scheduling, auto alerts, expanded reporting and optional time tracking and billing facilities

Learn more about WhiteSpace®