Wallchart® for Windows

New for 2016:
Wallchart® for Windows Version 11

New Wallchart® Browser Edition
A 100% browser application that provides an even
richer and faster scheduling experience than
Wallchart® for Windows.

Wallchart for Windows Resource Scheduling Solution

– Top resource scheduling systems
– best resource scheduling
– Available in the Cloud or for On-Premise installation
– Supports PCs, Macs, Tablets and Phones
– Optional Exchange / Google calendar synchronization
– Optional time tracking & billing
– Scalable from several to several thousand users

Wallchart top resource scheduling system

Wallchart is the top resource scheduling system for general use, whereas WhiteSpace is ideal for project centric resource scheduling needs.

Wallchart Windows and Wallchart Web Scheduler 9.7

Wallchart Windows is a powerful resource scheduling software for Windows that offers a web front end called Wallchart Web Scheduler which supports Internet Explorer.

Wallchart® for Windows V11

Now Supports Windows 10.

Wallchart® for Windows is a mature, robust resource scheduling solution for Windows environments which deservedly attracts incredible loyalty from its users.

Although our latest browser technology solutions offer advanced features such as support for phones & tablets, mapping, MySchedule, Time Zones, Outlook 365 integration etc. they build upon the heritage of Wallchart® for Windows.

We still support Wallchart® for Windows because customers that use it, love it. Our latest Version 11 system supports Windows 10 and a range of enhancements that are available to existing customers.

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New Wallchart® Browser Edition

Until recently, our Windows based scheduling view was king of the hill. It was always more feature rich and faster than a browser system. But now, all that has changed.

It’s hard to believe, but our new 100% browser system is more feature rich and faster than Wallchart® for Windows. Much, much faster, and unlike our older Wallchart® Web Scheduler, it supports all browsers on PCs and Macs, can even run on Phones and Tablets, and can be integrated with Outlook 365, Exchange 2013 & 2016 and Google Calendars.

To assist Wallchart® for Windows customers wishing to gain access to these facilities, we’ve created a seamless upgrade path to Wallchart® Browser Edition which is available for installation on your servers, or hosted on ours. You can even take your data with you and receive a 100% trade in on your current system.

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Wallchart® for Windows – Optional Modules

Exchange Integrator

Sync schedules with Exchange

Wallchart® for Windows Exchange Integrator seamlessly syncs Wallchart® for Windows bookings with Outlook. The system supports Exchange 2007 & 2010.

Customers looking to sync with Office 365 or Exchange 2013 / 2016 should upgrade our new Wallchart® Cloud system as this can integrate with the new cloud oriented design of Exchange 2016 and Office 365.

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Web Scheduler

Internet Explorer front end for Wallchart® for Windows.

The Wallchart® for Windows Web Scheduler provides a browser based front end for Wallchart® for Windows. This allow users to view schedules via Internet Explorer.

If your organization is a heavy user of the Web Scheduler, we recommend you take a look at our new cloud edition of Wallchart®. This provides an upgrade path from Wallchart&reg’ for Windows, supports Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc. on all devices, is blistering fast (even faster than Wallchart® for Windows) and we can even migrate your existing Wallchart® for Windows database.

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