Timewatch are specialists in Consultant Scheduling Solutions with Wallchart®, Wallchart® Pro and WhiteSpace®. Our products are designed for any consulting based organization, but are perfect for trainer scheduling, engineer scheduling, architect scheduling, flight simulator scheduling and instructor scheduling applications.

We provide consulting companies with scheduling, timesheet and time recording and time tracking systems for Time and Billing and consultant time tracking There are 3 time recording software and time tracking software solutions to support varying implementation sizes, with offline timesheet and online timesheet entry, outlook timesheet, remote time tracking, web based timesheet entry as well as PDA and Blackberry timesheet entry. See Resources for full details.

WhiteSpace® is the ultimate Consultant Scheduling Solution, combining power, performance and flexibility in a 100% Web based solution.

WhiteSpace® provides color coded Bookings so you can quickly and easily see what Consultants are scheduled on. The system shows specific consultant views as well as Project and Customer Views. Time zone compliance making it ideal for scheduling consultants in multi-location environments making it ideal for enterprise wide implementations.

Consutlant scheduling screen

In addition to the classic “Diary” scheduling of Consultants where appointments are scheduled with a start time and end time, WhiteSpace® also caters for on-going time commitments such as background tasks or project work which is displayed when viewing a Consultant’s availability.

By combining Calendar Scheduling and Task Scheduling, WhiteSpace® can provide accurate information on actual Consultant utilization and therefore show true availability, or the true “White-Space” in the Consultant's schedule.

WhiteSpace® supports Windows Authentication and provides customizable security levels including menu, function and appointment level security.

Although many example reports are built in as standard, WhiteSpace® reporting is built on MS-SQL Server Reporting Services and allows custom reports to be added to the menus by an administrator.

Advanced options include full time zone management, Report Writer, integration with MS Outlook/Exchange and integration with Time Recording and Billing which makes the perfect complement for Consulting organizations.

Integration with Time Recording provides Consultants the ability to import timesheets from the WhiteSpace® or Outlook Calendar, feedback to the users of Tasks progress and the hours available to complete work in progress as well as feedback of vacation time taken, requested and available.

WhiteSpace® can run both stand alone or fully integrated with Time Recording and Microsoft Exchange, thereby providing Consultants with all of the tools to manage their schedules: their personal Outlook calendar which is linked to both your corporate WhiteSpace® Consultant Scheduling system as well as your corporate Time Recording and billing solution to provide a complete Professional Services Solution.

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